UP Manila Health and Safety Committee

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In its commitment to protect its most important resource -- its workforce, UP Manila has formulated a policy that aims to establish an organizational framework for addressing health and safety concerns in the University and develop evidence-based interventions to address these concerns.



The UPM Health and Safety Committee (HSC) envisions a "Healthy UP Manila Workers and Safe Workplace." Its functions, guided by the principles of health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitative management, include: 

  1. To develop occupational health and safety policies and programs; and oversee the implementation in coordination with colleges level HSC and concerned UPM and PGH offices;
  2. To increase the knowledge and skills of unit/college HSC through trainings/workshops/seminars; and,
  3. To assist UP Manila in addressing occupational health and safety issues in the institutions through regular reporting and recommendation for appropriate measures.