OIL Programs

Mobility for Vigor and Excellence  (MOVE-UP)

MOVE-UP program aims to provide financial support UP undergraduate students to take courses or degree related training and internship, or undertake sandwich thesis research work in international Higher Education where UP has an academic network partnerships.

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Continuous Operational and Outcomes-based Partnership for Excellence
in Research and Academic Training Enhancement

Provide financial support to enable UP and other qualified SUC graduate students (Master’s and PHD) with UP Faculty co-advisers, preferably at the thesis/dissertation level to conduct research/creative work and if possible, take advance elective courses in partner foreign universities through advisorship/ co-advisorship.

  • Facilitate the increase in the number of Master’s and PhD graduation of young UP and other qualified SUC faculty/researches in areas/fields most needed by the country; and
  • Promote long-term research/creative productivity through active cooperation between faculty and researches and research groups of UP and partner universities

The coverage of the grant is as follows: 

  • 1 to 6 months duration for master’s student, 6 to 12 months for doctoral student, 2 weeks to 1 month duration for UP faculty/researcher
  • round trip economy airfare
  • visa fee for graduate students/pre-departure expenses for faculty
  • travel and health insurance
  • stipend which includes accommodations, meals, and land transportation allowances


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Constituent Unit Hosting of International Conference


Provide financial support to enable UP Constituent Units to host international conference which is in line with the University’s vision and mission

Coverage of the Grant

  • Materials and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) type of expenses
  • Maximum grant of Php 200,00.00; co-funding from Constituent Unit or other agency/ organization


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World Experts Lecture Series (WELS)


Invite eminent world leader/ expert/ artist in academe, government and industry, Filipino or foreign group of them to give special lectures/ performance in UP in large highly publicized convocations or conferences; and,

Expose and inspire UP students, faculty and staff to the achievements of world leader/ expert/ artist.

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Research/Creative Work Presentation in International Conferences
(Travel Grant)


Provide financial support to enable UP artist/scientist/researchers/scholars to present their research/creative output in international conferences/seminars/workshops/fora;

Provide opportunities for UP artists/scientist/researchers/scholars to exchange ideas and learn from peers and experts; and,

Encourage and nurture the development of UP artists/scientist/researchers/ scholars and contribute to the nation’s pool of expertise and knowledge in/on higher education.

Coverage of the Grant

  • Grant for those presenting a paper in a Southeast Asian country is Php40,000.00 and Php80,000.00 in USA/European country.
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply for a waiver of registration fee and obtain counterpart funding from the other sources e.g. Constituent Unit (CU) funding, etc.

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