Return Service Agreement (RSA)

General Return Service Agreement (RSA) Policies


Return Service Agreement is an absolute admission requirement for the CHW Program (SHS), baccalaureate health sciences programs (CAMP, CN, CP, CPH, SHS), DDM and MD programs.

The agreement states that the student shall serve in the Philippines within 5 years after graduation.

The agreement is signed by the Chancellor of UP Manila for the University and the prospective students and the parents, witnessed by the Dean/Director.

The graduate shall serve for a period specified by his/her college - the period of which should not be less than 2 years.

The graduate shall serve, preferably, in accordance with the role of the defined profession or health-related profession along three functions, but not limited to, direct service, education/training, and research. Return service shall preferably be an employment with government agencies/institutions, underserved towns/provinces, non-government and cause-oriented organizations.

The graduate is expected to serve fully within 5 years. If after 5 years, the graduate has not fully complied with the RSA, he/she will play double the cost of his/her education at a prevailing rate from the time of entry, plus interest, and less the total amount of tuition fee paid.

Cost of education shall be computed based on total subsidy of UP/government and donations made to specific colleges/units that enhance education/training of students in the university.

Enrolling for a second degree like a master's degree, Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Bachelor of Laws (LLB) or other programs cannot be considered as return service.

To facilitate serving of the RSA by graduates of UP Manila, the Philippine General Hospital and UP System shall give priority to UPM graduates for employment after requirements for employment are met.

UP Manila shall develop a placement process for implementation of the RSA with the Office of Alumni Relations as the implementing office for the program.


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