UP Manila Quality Policy Statement

We, at the University of the Philippines Manila, commit to providing world class higher and advanced education, research and extension services in health, social and behavioral sciences, and the arts and humanities, responsive to the needs of our stakeholders, the nation and the world.

To help achieve UP Manila’s vision and mission, we shall implement an internationally recognized management system in our operations, processes and services. Through this, we shall:

i. Comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, the mandates of the University and relevant needs and expectations of our students and other stakeholders, and the requisites of our quality management system;

ii. Provide our students, employees and other personnel support to grow and achieve their full potential in their respective fields with a strong sense of cultural and historical identity, as well as a shared humanity;

iii. Continuously conduct integrative and collaborative basic, applied, and clinical research and development in health sciences, contributing to the dissemination and application of knowledge, and shaping national health policies;

iv. Spearhead in public service by providing various forms of community, public, and volunteer health services, as well as medical, scholarly and technical assistance to the government, private sector, and civil society; and,

v. As the country's center of excellence in the health sciences, establish objectives aimed at continually improving the efficiency of our operations, processes and services.


We shall make this policy an integral part of our day-to-day services to ensure that it continuously provides us overall directions in improving our overall performance and quality management system in our relentless efforts towards excellence.



Chancellor Rev: 0, 04 January 2021