NIH Vision, Mission, Objectives


VISION To be the country’s recognized authority in health research and development and the key source of critical health information for national development in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

MISSION To be a major resource center for health research and capacity-building using the framework “Partnership for Better Health”.

OBJECTIVES To achieve the vision-mission of the institution, the National Institutes of Health:

  1. a. promotes science and technology research and development in health; b. promotes the development of study groups and research programs; c. establishes mechanisms for the dissemination and utilization of research outputs; d. complements graduate programs and faculty research human resource training in the university; e. ensures that the results of health research and development activities are utilized to improve the health of people

The mission of being a major resource center for health research and capacity building is pursued using the framework of “Partnership for Better Health”, and more specifically through the following:


  1. 1. Influence policy makers in the enactment of health laws, policies and guidelines which improve delivery of quality health program; 2. Provide health organizations relevant health research and development and improve their health service delivery; 3. Contribute to the enhancement of medical knowledge and improve the practices of health care professionals; 4. Develop the capabilities of health researchers and health research institutions; 5. Promote the health awareness and improve the health-seeking behavior of the Filipino people; 6. Spearhead the research on essential national health issues and concerns; 7. Lead in the formulation of national health research agenda; and 8. Become a recognized authority in health research and development.