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The University Library (UL) and its nine college-based units compose the campus's library network which has been a member of the Department of Science and Technology-Engineering. Science and Education (DOST_ESEP) Library Network Project in 1995. Through the network,UL now offers a fully-integrated online library management system with e-mail capability and Internet access.

As of October 2000, it has a total collection of 189,874 volumes(124,161 books and bound periodicals; 47,951 special collections; 15,478 audio-visual materials; 2,127 serial titles) which includes social computerized databases,international databases on CD-ROM, and a collection of multimedia also in CD format.

It has also set up the Electronic Medical Research Library System(EMERALDS) at the Medical Library, a client/server system that provides simultaneous searching of the MEDLINE bibliographic database journals which is linked to 30 full-text biomedical journals in electronics format.

It has made accessible online the updated electronic bibliographic databases of Filipiniana materials, namely,Theses & Dissertations, Students' Research Papers & Reports, Professional Chair Lectures, Philippine Index Medicus, and Union List of Periodicals.

The UL continues the computerization of library procedures and services through the establishment of an electronically linked network of libraries.Two main projects that carried out this thrust were the On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) which is now accessible in the Main UL, the Medical Library, and the CAS Library,and the putting up of cybernooks in various unit libraries.


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See: Guidelines and Assistance for Faculty and Students to Access UPM Resources 2021


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